Our job is like an air – we can’t live without it 


Back in 1980.

TIPH’ARAH as a UK-based establishment aims to provide natural and organic products for the maintenance and growth of natural hair. Our products are primarily useful to those with Afro-Caribbean type hair. As an online retailer, our fundamental goal is to ensure transparency regarding all products we have to offer We believe that the hair of a woman is her glory, and it’s exclusively vital to preserve its health and thus our mission was established. The name “TIPH’ARAH” is the Hebrew translation for glory, derived from the bible (Proverbs 16:31) and hence our logo.


As a black-owned organization started with a journey where its founders searched for natural and organic products within the UK, for their Afro-Caribbean hair. They failed to discover any and their usual products just couldn’t satisfy the moisture levels needed to sustain strong and healthy hair whilst stimulating growth. They began to research organic products that would not only benefit their hair texture but could also be used alongside their favorite hair products. The chief objective was to obtain the finest of what is needed for their hair. With a few pots in their kitchens, organic products, and the knowledge of what works, TIPH’ARAH was formed. We as a brand are determined to nourish, preserve, and transform your hair to its natural glory.


With the use of natural and organic ingredients, our purpose is to deliver handmade products in it’s purest form. 90% of our organic ingredients are sourced from Africa (predominantly Ghana) with the remaining 10% sourced from organic suppliers within Europe. TIPH’ARAH as a brand along with its products represents a luxurious lifestyle within the confinements of purity and integrity, and with this culture, we hope to encourage all women worldwide to embrace and flaunt their lavish glory! TIPH’ARAH- ‘nurturing your glorious crown’